Sunday, October 21, 2007

PyMOTW- Python Module of The Week

When I was collecting python related RSS feeds a few months back I came across this wonderful project called PyMOTW by Doug Hellmann

Though one such effort was made by effbot a long time back with a book called Python Standard Library it was on python2.0 after which a lot many changes happened in python standard library. PyMOTW fills this gap by coming up with articles mostly on new modules of python that were included in python2.3 onwards.

Having the through knowledge of what python distribution has by default saves you from reinventing the wheel most of the times. I found my self in such situations a lot many times :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dual Monitors on Ubuntu Gusty

Two days back I got my OS upgraded to the latest Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty. While reading the reviews of it I came across the Dual monitor support built into this distribution. In fact I've read that last night, since then I was hoping to try it, only now I got the chance to try it. I've plugged in the CRT monitor to my laptop VGA out let and had my laptop booted to GNOME, I found the application Screens and Resolution. After trying out a few configurations specs with it , I am finally here up and running with dual monitor. It takes away all the hard hand work of configuring xinerama and your X config files. Nice feature to have by default on laptops. Ubuntu is cool. Here is a screen shot.

BSNL dataone blocking voip ?

Yesterday all the day , I was not able to register to any of the SIP servers on my Dataone broadband connection using asterisk. This made me go mad, I've did some googling and found similar incidents where people were not able to register.

Clearly some thing bad like ports getting blocked is happening. But all the info I found on net was like mere wild guesses.

At first I've called local exchange and as usual you can't expect much on technical stuff from them. The moment I started to speak about SIP and VoIP the man on the line said, Sir if broadband is coming please check your program! However the gizmo client is able register means it can also work on non standard ports. If I've to report this I wanted to check the legality of this port blocking issue for voip. Cause there is nothing like PSTN termination in my setup, I am only registering to FWD and SIPphone which more like voice chat on gtalk or yahoo. I've searched and read most of the documents on but found nothing for end user and his rights. this page is of not much help , I've read telecom policy 99 still didn't found any thing solid in it.

Section 3.2 says voip is not allowed. However I've found in that telecom policy that govt encouraging R&D entities on VoIP development. Hmm I am one of those R&D guys so bsnl please don't put these restrictions on me :) But the other page said that it been removed and now voip in India is allowed but in restricted mode.

Finally at night when I was thinking for a way around I got and an idea of moving all my SIP registrations to my static IP server in US and to have IAX trunk from there to here. So started installing asterisk on the server by 11pm. Meanwhile, I got call from my woman so left the work there, unfinished IAX trunk configuration.

But this morning again the SIP started working. Don't exactly know what is happening, I wish if I had some one from bsnl with perfect knowledge of things happening.

However I've continued with my plan of having a IAX trunk here to my server. Which seems to be more reliable and puts much less load on my broadband connection. Now finally I've configured everything. And back up and running.